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The Bunny's Back!

Vivian and Midge Ramone, of the band ShiSho began Magnetic Bunny Arts as a homeschool project in 2007 to promote youngwave music – music by artists or bands with members 18 and under years old.

The mission of Magnetic Bunny Arts is to promote art, music, writing, confidence, families working together, teaching kids the basic skills of workmanship, community, the spirit of creativity, and the perseverance to continue a project to completion.

Following the release of 2007?s Seaside Summer CD Compilation, where 12 youngwave bands worldwide came together to support Callum Robbins, Magnetic Bunny Arts went on a three year hiatus.

In 2011, while working on songs to submit to Corbin Bernsen for his movie 25 Hill, about the All American Soap Box Derby, ShiSho’s Vivian and Midge Ramone saw an opportunity to bring back the bunny for an all new project. This would be a project raise money to support the derby, headquartered in their hometown Akron, Ohio and to support the kids of youngwave music at the same time.

Magnetic Bunny Arts is calling together youngwave bands to create an all new CD compilation to support the tradition of the Soap Box Derby.

To keep with the All American Soap Box Derby’s theme; “Keep the Tradition Alive” Magnetic Bunny Art’s project will be called “Rock the Tradition.”

The Rock the Tradition, youngwave CD compilation will be released in July 2011. It will contain songs by youngwave bands. The songs’ themes will support the spirit of the soapbox derby, the excitementof competition and the celebration of summer.

If you’re a youngwave musician or a band, come an rock the tradition together!

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