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Part 1 of ShiSho’s WVPX-TV Feature

10 Mar 2011

written by Magnetic Bunny

ShiSho's WVPX-TV Feature - Part 1

A down-home introduction to Magnetic Bunny Arts’ Vivian and Midge Ramone and their band, ShiSho.


2 Comments on Part 1 of ShiSho’s WVPX-TV Feature

  1. terry and diane mccabe

    best to you both..just do your thing because the music industry has its sharks..beware

  2. Chris Yambar

    You’ve come a long way from your days in single cell research and are certain to grow even bigger as rock legends! Blow up the box, run with no walls and keep a strong foundation. Be always encouraged and may you always stay…forever young.

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