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Retro-ie Sweet Get-Go!

15 Mar 2011

written by Magnetic Bunny

Banners & Ads & a Poster, Oh My

Have a spot for a banner? – Or a poster?

If you have a little spot online, we just made it easy for you to promote Rock the Tradition. Download or Copy/Paste the ad that fits you site and pop it in. We have many lovely models to choose from and a letter-sized poster ideal for printing and wallpapering your city.


260 X120 Digi-Ad


210 X 125 Digi-Ad


120 X 200 Digi-Ad


125 X 125 Digi-Ad


300 X 250 Digi-Ad


180 × 150 Digi-Ad


728 X 90 Digi-Ad


160 X 600 Digi-Ad


8.5X11″ Letter Size Poster

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