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Rock The Tradition News Release

09 Mar 2011

written by Magnetic Bunny

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Magnetic Bunny Arts Calls For Youngwave Musicians to “Rock The Tradition” for Akron, Ohio’s All American Soap Box Derby

Kent, Ohio, March 14, 2011 – For immediate release — Magnetic Bunny Arts announced today the launch of its first-ever youngwave “Rock The Tradition” music competition and All American Soap Box Derby music compilation fundraiser.

Youngwave music artists and bands, acts with at least one musician 18-years old or younger, will compete for their original recording to be a part of a nationally distributed music compilation titled, “Rock the Tradition.” Select winners of the competition may also be considered for a recording deal with Magnetic Bunny Arts. All proceeds from the sale of the music compilation will be donated directly to the All American Soap Box Derby.

“Since its start in 2007, Magnetic Bunny’s central mission has been supporting family togetherness, creativity and empowering kids to set and reach goals,” said Vivian Ramone, co-founder of Magnetic Bunny Arts and of youngwave band ShiSho. “While researching and writing songs for consideration in the soap box derby themed movie, 25 Hill, my sister and I realized how well the derby’s mission aligns with ours. This natural fit and the fact that the derby is struggling financially made this fundraising opportunity a no brainer. Through Magnetic Bunny we’re supporting the kid-focused tradition of the Soap Box Derby with music created by kids, while introducing the world to awesome new youngwave artists.”

The Rock The Tradition music compilation will be promoted from March through July in conjunction with Soap Box Derby racing events across the United States. In late July select winners will be invited to Akron, Ohio to participate in a “Rock The Tradition” concert.  The concert is timed to coincide with the the National All American Soap Box Derby races at Derby Downs in Akron and the screening of Corbin Bernsen’s Team Cherokee Production feature film “25 Hill, in Akron at the same time.

“Even if you’re not a youngwave band, you can have a young person join your band to help write and record a song for this project. It’s a good way for grown-up musicians to teach kids who are interested in music,” said Midge Ramone, Vivian’s younger sister and co-founder of Magnetic Bunny. “ If you’re not a musician and you want to help, you can be a sponsor or contribute money to help promote “Rock the Tradition” and to cover the cost of making and selling the CDs around the country. Magnetic Bunny Arts is not making any money on this — So, yeah, we can use a lot of help.”

Youngwave bands are invited to get started by downloading the entry form at

The deadline for song submissions is Saturday, May 21.

Throughout the competition, Magnetic Bunny Art’s executives and a team of music consultants will provide guidance to the competing acts.

“We are committed to finding and promoting quality youngwave acts aligned with Magnetic Bunny’s positive mission,” said Vivian Ramone. “Rock the Tradition is our second major project promoting new artists who would otherwise be unknown to a worldwide audience of music fans. We look forward to this exciting competition while financially supporting a the long standing American tradition of the All American Soap Box Derby.

For more information regarding the Rock The Tradition music competition and All American Soap Box Derby music compilation fundraiser please visit


About Magnetic Bunny Arts

Vivian and Midge Ramone, of the band ShiSho began Magnetic Bunny Arts as a homeschool project in 2007 to learn basic business skills and to promote youngwave music – music by artists or bands with members 18 and under years old. The mission of Magnetic Bunny Arts is to promote art, music, writing, confidence, families working together, teaching kids the basic skills of workmanship, community, the spirit of creativity, and the perseverance to continue a project to completion.

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Rock The Tradition on ION on WVPX-TV – Part 1 /   Part 2

Contact Magnetic Bunny: 330-474-9427

About The All American Soap Box Derby

Akron, Ohio-headquartered All-American Soap Box Derby, founded in 1933, is one of the most established grassroots youth and family organizations in the United States. The Soap Box Derby sanctions races year round in over 150 cites and communities in the U.S. and in six foreign countries. The annual world championship is held each year at Derby Downs in Akron.

For more information about the All American Soap Box Derby please visit:

About ShiSho

International Filthy Little Angel’s recording artist’s ShiSho are sisters Midge and Vivian Ramone, 10 and 14-years old respectively. 6-years ago the girls started recording and performing their own brand of indie and folk pop music as a way to demonstrate that you’re never too young to realize dreams. In September 2010 ShiSho was voted 5th best local band by readers of the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper.

For more information visit:

Contact:  330-474-9427


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