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Elevate your business with our AI-powered virtual assistant. Drive sales growth, offer 24/7 customer support, and enhance satisfaction. Experience a transformative approach to engaging and retaining customers. Join the future of commerce today.

How does it Work?

Our AI agents use your product or service information to enhance both online sales and customer support. It integrates a sales funnel, guiding leads to purchase efficiently and effectively. Leveraging social media channels, they engage in conversational commerce for better results!

Magnetic Bunny is a digital platform that integrates a CRM with Artificial Intelligence Agents to automate sales through Whatsapp and Social Media Channels.

Quick Account Setup

Easily set up your account to start. Just enter your business details and you're ready to benefit from our AI sales magic.

Upload Products & Services

Add your offerings with ease. Our platform uses this info to tailor the sales experience, enhancing customer engagement.

Connect Social Media & Sell 24/7

Integrate your social channels for round-the-clock sales. Your AI agent handles inquiries and guides customers. Never miss a sale again!



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